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Today's video is about Complex PTSD. What is it and what do we do if we have it?

Now complex PTSD isn't something that is in the DSM. The Veteran's Administration and the center for PTSD lobbied to get this diagnosis put into the DMS 5 but the APA did not agree, and so we only have PTSD (mild, moderate, & severe) to work with. That doesn't mean that we cannot better understand the depths of PTSD and what repeated trauma can do to a person and their life.

When someone is repeatedly traumatized (ie. in war, abused for long periods of time, etc) it can make relationships afterward very difficult. They state that those who suffer from complex PTSD have more issues with:
1. emotion regulation
2.forgetting traumatic events completely
3. self-perception (feel very ashamed and guilty for struggling with this and not feeling "okay" like everyone else).
4. Distorted perceptions of their perpetrators
5. Relations with others (they may isolate or struggle to trust people)
6. Their own sense of meaning (may feel hopeless and struggle to have faith).

The treatment is pretty much the same as it is for PTSD, however there is an intense focus on interpersonal difficulties. They focus on this because those with repeated trauma have more trouble trusting, not lashing out, feeling safe, and managing their feelings of shame and guilt. By focusing on these things, we can hopefully help those with Complex PTSD better understand their situation and manage their relationships.

I hope this not only helps those of use struggling with this, but also raise awareness for the seriousness of it so it can be taught and better managed by professionals.

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