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"You're Depressed. Now What?"

It had been awhile since I went over to the articles that Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD has on our website. Mary Ellen has lived through severe mania and horrific depressions over her life. What I admire about her is not only her will to survive, but her deep desire to share with others what she has learned over the years from her research and in dealing with her own mental health challenges.

Because of allergies she has to many psychiatric medications, Mary Ellen uses self-help tools, a counselor, a nutritionist and naturopath, to help maintain her mood stability. During a chat conference on the HealthyPlace website several years ago, I remember her saying it required dedication to using those tools to maintain long-term wellness.

Mary Ellen is well known for her books The Wellness Recovery Action Plan and The Depression Workbook: A Guide to Living with Depression and Manic Depression. They might prove helpful to you. These days, her efforts are focused on group education; teaching people with serious depression and bipolar disorder the tools she has used to not only survive, but "live" a life despite having bipolar disorder and depression.

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