How to Deal with Self-Stigma

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Self-stigma negatively impacts your mental health. Learn 3 positive actions to deal with self-stigma and improve your mental health at HealthyPlace

How to Deal with Self-Stigma

Mental illness is a bully. Worse, it’s a voice that originates within us, so all the cruel thoughts come right from our own mind. This self-stigma is part of nearly every single mental illness and personality disorder.

Have you ever:

This is only a partial list of the thoughts and feelings that come with mental health struggles. These beliefs and emotions can stop us in our tracks. It’s hard to move forward confidently when you’re stigmatizing yourself. Despite how it might feel, you can stand up to mental illness, laugh in the face of self-stigma, and be kind to yourself. Here are some ways:

  • Befriend yourself; talk to yourself the way you talk to a friend; get to know yourself in ways that have nothing to do with your illness
  • Practice self-care; eat well; exercise; get the right amount of sleep
  • Keep a running list of your strengths and passions

When you counter the self-stigmatizing words of mental illness with positive actions, you are on your way to making your real, compassionate voice the one you hear the most loudly.

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