8 Things to Do Every Day to Enhance Mental Health

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Is it possible to enhance your mental health with every day actions? Learn 8 things you can do every day to enhance your mental health.

8 Things to Do Every Day to Enhance Mental Health

Is it possible to enhance mental health when living with mental illness can be stressful in so many ways every single day? Mental illness affects someone's whole being—thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sometimes, it can be hard to just get out of bed. Or, it can be hard to calm down and focus. Other challenges abound. (Finding the Motivation to Recover from Mental Illness)

Each person is uniquely affected by his/her specific mental illness, yet there are things that everyone can do daily to take charge and create true wellbeing. These eight things you can do every day help the physical aspects of the brain and body as well as thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  1. Take 10 slow, deep breaths. (Or blow bubbles) Repeat throughout the day.
  2. March or jog in place. Do jumping jacks. Or pushups. Just move to stimulate both your body and brain.
  3. Create a daily goal, and list little steps you need to take to accomplish it.
  4. Embark on a stroll, inside or outside, and intentionally notice positive things around you.
  5. Acknowledge the awful things you're dealing with and take note of how you're surviving. What can you do more of to keep getting through the tough stuff?
  6. Practice noticing your thoughts. Identify, challenge, and replace the unhealthy ones. Repeat, because doing this takes practice.
  7. Color or draw.
  8. Do at least one thing you love every day.

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