Should You Bother Taking a Vacation When You Are Depressed?

December 1, 2021 Mahevash Shaikh

When you are depressed, it might feel like a waste of time, money, and energy to go on a vacation. You are probably going to be depressed wherever you go because traveling is not going to cure you of depression. And in case you can't or don't want to travel, relaxing at home is unlikely to make your depression go away either. This begs the question: should you even take time off from work in the first place?

You Need to Rest to Cope with Depression

Of course, you should take a vacation because your mind needs a break from the "rise and grind" way of life. Going on a holiday will not make your depression disappear, but it will help reduce its intensity. I can personally vouch for the healing powers of a change of scenery. Back in 2018, when I was going through a severe depressive episode, I went on a short trip with my family. Even though I thought it was a bad idea at the time (and that I should be working instead), I felt better during and after the trip.

Note that there were many moments when I was extremely depressed and even suicidal, but there were also moments when I felt glad to be immersed in a new culture and far away from my desk. It is for small but significant moments like these that depressed people like us should take a holiday. Rest is important for your mental health, and the world has grown to accept that over the past year. What's more, a healthy rest ethic is great for your productivity as well. 

Take Time Off from Work Even If You Cannot Travel 

If you can't afford to travel or are afraid to because of the ongoing pandemic, this doesn't mean you should keep working. I am in the same boat as you, and I will be taking a staycation this year. In fact, I have taken far more staycations than I have taken vacations, and they have been equally relaxing. As long as you don't work on vacation, you are doing a good thing. 

Check out the video below for some tips on how you can take a vacation at home. I intend to take mine in the last two weeks of December, and here's how I plan to do it.

How are you planning to spend your end-of-year vacation? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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Author: Mahevash Shaikh

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