Anxiety can happen in a blink of an eye. Simply repeating the two words of “what if” to yourself can start the process of building anxiety. These are several points about self talk and their messages that I want to address.
Productivity Habits for the Bipolar or Depressed Individual (Part 1) Many people don't make the best use of their time. If possible, avoid meetings that you are a fly on the wall, having little input. Are the projects you are currently working on more important than this meeting? Can you get the minutes or highlights of the meeting? Most business meetings take twice as long to complete than what is required to get through the materials needed. If you are curious on how much a meeting costs, for every $10,000 of salary, each hour is worth typically $5.95; a salary of $50,000 is worth $29.75 times each person in the meeting. Six people with all the same salary of $50,000 makes each hour worth or costs the company $178.50 per hour. This only includes the meeting time; preparation, photocopying and power point presentations are additional.
Goal setting in business is not that different than goals for personal use. One of the main differences is that personal goals are used to benefit the writer, while goals for business affect the writer, co-workers and the supervisor/boss. By its nature bipolar disorder disrupts the goals for work, goals for life and