Feeling Alone in the World, What Would You Do?

October 20, 2011 Amanda_HP

Living with depression, major depression, the most severe kind of depression may best be described as a lonely, isolating, hopeless existence. Left untreated, it can lead a person to take desperate measures - anything to escape one more hour, one more day of feeling "like this."

It Started with Postpartum Depression

lee-horbachewskiLooking at the picture of Lee Horbachewski on the right, you wouldn't guess she had a care in the world. Her website and twitter name, @SimpLee_Serene mocks the illness that led to a 2004 suicide attempt. It started as postpartum depression (PPD).

At the time, she summarily dismissed it as a minor case of the baby blues - even as the symptoms of major depression mushroomed and began to consume her being. Months later, lying in bed in a psychiatric unit, she realized what she was up against. It would take time, years, for the author of "A Quiet Strong Voice" to claw her way back.

Our original interview with Lee is no longer available. Here's a more recent video from her YouTube channel.

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