Treatment Resistant Depression Recap

April 23, 2009 admin

Tuesday night, during the live show on 'Finding Hope for Treatment Resistant Depression,' Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft and our host, Gary, discussed some important information for those suffering from treatment resistant depression (TRD).

Some of the highlights included a discussion on the use of:

Dr. Croft said many people quit taking antidepressants too soon; before they even have a chance to be effective. He also talked about antidepressant augmentation to increase the effectiveness of the antidepressant medication. The 'Star D Study', an important study of effective treatments for treatment-resistant depression, was also discussed during the broadcast.

If you are still suffering from symptoms of depression even after treatment, speak to your healthcare professional. Take a proactive role in your own well-being. For more information, you can read more about treatment-resistant depression, watch a doctor discuss depression, or visit the Depression Community at

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