Introduction to Meagon Nolasco, Author of ‘The Life: LGBT Mental Health’

August 31, 2020 Meagon Nolasco

My name is Meagon Nolasco and I couldn’t be happier to join the HealthyPlace team here at The Life: LGBT Mental Health blog. I identify as a cis-gendered, (woman born a female) lesbian, woman and have been out in our community for just over a decade now. My extensive history with mental health is just as defining to me as my identity and lifestyle.

Meagon Nolasco’s Mental Health Journey

I have spent much time over the past 10 years trying to get my mental health under control. I have had many visits to various therapists, most not able to deal with my diagnosis or my LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)-specific concerns. I hold a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mostly present via extreme anxiety. 

I work as a mental health professional and am an active Buddhist. Both of these are important aspects of my life that have contributed to my path to mental health recovery. I celebrated seven years of sobriety this year as well.

I want to tell you all this because this blog is meant to help those in the lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc. (LGBTQIA+) community. That help may manifest in different ways, such as supporting a person, providing words to a quieted voice or offering camaraderie through shared experiences. That help is hard to accept or read when coming from someone who hasn’t lived a life like yours.

Meagon Nolasco’s Plans for ‘The Life: LGBT Mental Health’ Blog

The Life: LGBT Mental Health will be covering topics such as anxiety and how to cope, dealing with depression via yoga and/or meditation, mental illness topics specific to the LGBTQIA+ community, how to find a community-friendly provider and more.

I look forward to all your feedback; this is your space as much as mine. I can’t wait to join the team and write about topics that help you heal and grow. Namaste.

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Author: Meagon Nolasco

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