Life after Suicide

January 2, 2011 Holly Gray

barb-hildebrandcropOn Christmas day ten years ago, Barb Hildebrand became a widow. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder just one month prior, her husband Rob committed suicide. "My entire world changed in ways I could never have imagined," she says of her life after suicide.

Today she's a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and the author of the blog Surviving Suicide - The Aftermath. Barbara discusses her husband's death, how she coped, and what she's learned from life after suicide on this edition of the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.

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Author: Holly Gray

AllUCanBe (Barb)
February, 22 2011 at 10:24 am

Just did my 1st post of the year on my blog "Surviving Suicide - The Aftermath" and mentioned this fantastic website along with my radio interview. I've given the links to the website as well as your Facebook page in hopes some of my readers will learn about HealthyPlace and all they contribute.
I've asked for comments on my blog post, both on my blog and my radio interview as I find feedback so helpful. Would love to hear from anyone on here too that listened to my interview. Did you find it beneficial/helpful? Was there anything you'd have liked to have known that wasn't covered?

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