ADHD: Trivia About ADHD and My Son

January 9, 2013 Heiddi Zalamar, LMHC, MA

Hiya readers! According to Brownielocks, January 4th, 2013 was Trivia Day. So I wanted to share more about Bob's (and mine) journey with ADHD by sharing some ADHD trivia. Hope you enjoy it!

When was Bob's ADHD first diagnosed?

He was officially diagnosed in June 2011 though the symptoms of ADHD were noticed MUCH earlier by his second grade teacher. And as I thought back on this, I saw it emerging as early as first grade. Bob is a brilliant kid; I didn't want anything to be wrong.

How did I react when Bob's teacher talked to me about ADHD?

I was in denial. Severe denial. I didn't want to see what Bob had. At the time, I worked as a socio-therapist with kids and teens in therapeutic foster care. So I saw ADHD everyday, some milder cases and some more severe. I thought that if I could handle the kids at my job, I could handle Bob's symptoms without help. I was SO wrong.

What did it take for me to finally accept that Bob had issues?

My denial continued until Bob's fourth grade teacher talked to me about his behavior at school. Her nurturing and compassion was what I needed to accept help. She was very proactive and asked me to get a letter from Bob's pediatrician saying that he had ADHD to get him extra testing time. Even with that and behavior charts, that wasn't enough. Bob needed more.

What was my next move?

The fourth grade teacher took the pediatrician's letter and wrote a letter mandating an evaluation for Bob. (Bob is in private school, so I'd have to go to an outside agency to have him evaluated.) I was able to get an evaluation through a developmental health agency.

How did I feel about the evaluation?

I was TICKED OFF! I hated being there in the evaluation center. Even worse, the receptionist there was very rude and acting if I was intruding upon her time (some people shouldn't work in public places). I'd been to many evaluations at work, interpreting for the psychiatrists for Spanish-speaking foster parents so I knew the drill. I just hated the fact that it was for my Bob.

What happened after?

Bob was diagnosed with several things among them ADHD. Though he was not the agency's target population (developmental disabilities, etc), I was able to get him into therapy and medication management at place closer to home. This was after calling several places asking about insurance and wait list times.

Then what?

Bob began psychotherapy in October 2011 and medication treatment in January 2012. This happened because Bob's father (who was in even MORE denial than I was) told the therapist he did not want medication. So it took a bit to get the evaluation with the psychiatrist and medication started.

And now?

Bob has adjusted mostly to the Concerta. He is on the smallest dose (25mg) and it has done wonders! Initially, Bob lost about 6 pounds due to the reduced appetite, but has since gained it back and maintained his weight. He is eating more. Bob often had trouble sleeping in the beginning - several nights a week. Now, he sleeps better with a later bedtime (this change helps a lot!) and eating yogurt before bed. (I had a pal who's premiee son had sleep issues and suggested the yogurt.)


Bob is doing phenomenal in school. He now consistently earns high marks (A's & B's) and earned Second Honors the from January - June 2012. He isn't a miracle child. Bob's room is still messy and he still needs reminders for things. But, he has gotten back on track at school and at home. Bob is my amazing, brilliant child who also happens to be diagnosed with ADHD.

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Author: Heiddi Zalamar, LMHC, MA

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