ADHD Residential Treatment and School-Based Programs

August 27, 2014 Lauren Hardy, MA

The symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can cause significant distress for a child and can be challenging for parents to be able to effectively manage. A child who refuses to comply with the rules or intentionally creates problems may be struggling with symptoms severe enough to warrant admission into a residential treatment program for ADHD children. If a child is demonstrating symptoms such as being aggressive toward authority figures, feeling that rules don’t apply to him or her, and making excuses instead of accepting his or her role in inappropriate behavior, then it may be an indication that outpatient treatment isn’t intense enough to be fully effective. (ADHD and the Risk of Antisocial Behavior) In residential treatment programs for children and adolescents with ADHD, trained mental health professionals are constantly available to address all of these issues while maintaining the safety of each child.

Treatment Program: Lauren Hardy, M.A. writes on behalf of Millcreek Behavioral Health, which offers residential treatment that specializes in treating emotional disorders and behavioral issues for children and adolescents ages 6 to 17. Their goal is to meet each child where they are at in the treatment process and provide them with a safe environment in which to heal.

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Author: Lauren Hardy, MA

March, 24 2019 at 4:10 am

Good day
My son turning 8 this year has been diagnosed with adhd and odd. He is extremely difficult and the school department has advised us to send him to A school in Randburg named Ranburg Clinic school I would like to know if maybe it will be best to send him to your fecillity?

March, 19 2019 at 4:08 pm

I have a preteenboy who has ADHD. He really a problem child in school and home. He has the mind of a criminal. He loves outside doing g messed up things,at times he good out there. I don't trust him at all.

January, 31 2019 at 6:56 pm

Hi, I am a case manger seeking housing and educations opportunity for a ct that is ADHD that just turned 18 years old. Do you that of any resources to would be useful for my ct?

shukria qasim khan
May, 19 2016 at 2:35 am

@HealthyPlace I am shukria qasim khan i am a teacher AND a psychologist at school currently i am planning a research on school based intervention for ADHD as a partial requirement of my MS degree in clinical Psychology please i am looking for an organization wgho xcan supervise and guide me.

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Natasha Tracy
May, 19 2016 at 1:20 pm

Hi Shukria,
I'm sorry, but we are not available for that. We wish you well in your studies.
- Natasha Tracy
- Blog Manager

Barbara McVea
November, 26 2014 at 6:08 pm

My 22 yo son has severe ADD ADHD. He is getting arrested for criminal behavior such as stealing, robbery and burglary. I believe he is self medicating with marijuana to calm himself. All non violent
I live in a high crime poverty neighborhood
I think he needs a residential treatment center for this including impulsive behavior treatment and some kind of career counseling.
He graduated high school and received an academic and sport scholarship to a private college. He was unable to complete bc of inability to perform, get passing grades etc etc
Please help.

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