Adult ADHD and Research

March 17, 2014 Elizabeth Prager

I have spent the last 20 minutes unsuccessfully researching adult ADHD, using my library's medical journal archive and then, I did a plain Internet search. These are two of my least favorite things to do. I currently have no way to make it more enjoyable, but I bet you anything I'll come up with something useful by the end of this post. Please, read, learn and see thinking out loud happen in a blog post.

I Hate Conducting Searches for Adult ADHD Research

Internet researching of adult ADHD requires the ability to filter information. Let's figure out how to do adult ADHD research without getting overwhelmed!Since I know that everyone here ended up here by using the Internet, I am going to assume you all know how to do an Internet search. I am also going to assume you read my first paragraph (which isn't always a safe bet when addressing the adult ADHD population - or myself for that matter - I even skip over paragraphs when re-reading my own journals) and know that I hate to do searches for adult ADHD research. And, even before 7th grade when my family got its first computer (which was in our playroom until my brother turned our playroom into his "bedroom" by sleeping nightly on the couch), I hated doing research at libraries.

Those of us with adult ADHD have a hard time filtering information. When I do a search using my school's library, there are literally tens of thousands of results at times. I refine my search and am lucky if I can get it down to a few thousand. Nothing is ever exactly what I want and sometimes the article that's best isn't until the second or third page of results.

Internet Research for ADHD is Even Worse

It's the same with Internet searches, only worse. Why do we need all of the ads and sidebars? I want the results to my search and nothing more (or less). I just did a Google search and found out at least some good news. You can Google ad-free using an alternate link. I don't think it's enough to help with filtering, but it's at least a start.

Ideally, I want an Internet search that shows me one option at a time. I want to see a screen with just one webpage, decide if I like the sounds of it, and then move onto the next. That sounds like a good search. Maybe someday someone will create an ADHD search engine!

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

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