Make Time To Care For Binge Eating Disorder In College

January 30, 2016 Star LaBranche

You're in college and you have binge eating disorder. You might be wondering how you can take care of yourself when stress can play a huge part in your eating disorder. College is a fun and exciting time which can also be incredibly difficult and challenging. Amid the demands of school work, how do you find the time to practice binge eating disorder self care and eat on a regular schedule?

Make Time To Self-Care While In College

Simply put, you have to make time to care from your binge eating disorder in college. No Binge eating disorder and college life don't always mix. Here are some ideas to make time to take care of it. Make time for binge eating disorder - here's is else is going to make it for you. It might seem like there simply isn't time to take care of everything you need to do and eat properly, but when you manage your time and use technology to help you, you can manage your eating disorder and still earn great grades.

How Do I Make Time For Binge Eating Disorder In College?

There's no one way to make time for your binge eating disorder when you're in college. Think of your regular schedule and how you normally eat. Then plan out how you're going to eat and what you need to bring with you while at school and while at home. With some thoughtfulness, you can avoid binge eating disorder pitfalls and still manage your school work.

  • Use timers to manage your time. Sometimes I get really into studying and lose track of time. Especially when doing readings. But now I set times so I can keep track of how many hours pass and give myself mini-breaks so I don't get too stressed out or overwhelmed.
  • Be sure food is available where you study. When doing intense readings and papers it's easy to forget to eat and by the time you finally stop, you're ravenous. This was one of my biggest problems and would easily lead to me overeating or binging. Now I bring snacks, pack my lunch, and make sure I don't get so hungry that I overeat.
  • Use your support system. When your stress builds up it can lead to eating for comfort. Instead, lean on your binge eating disorder support system for help, when you need it. Whether it's someone to rant to, a fellow student to commiserate with, or just someone to laugh with between papers.
  • Take breaks when needed. I start projects early and make sure that I have enough time built into my schedule to take small, regular breaks. This gives me a chance to walk around, clear my head, and return to my work refreshed instead of burned out.

How To Manage College And Your Binge Eating Disorder

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