Winter Weather Binge Eating

December 3, 2015 Star LaBranche

Winter is upon us and while we can expect snow, holiday lights, and carols, a lot of people might find themselves falling victim to winter weather binge eating. What is winter weather binge eating? What are some tips and tricks to avoid it? How can you make it through the holiday season without having your binge eating disorder triggered? Read on.

What Is Winter Weather Binge Eating?

Winter weather binge eating is consuming more food than you need or would normally eat Does the cold weather trigger your binge eating disorder? Find out what causes this and how to combat winter weather binge eating. Read this.because of feelings caused by the weather. There are a lot of theorized causes for this. Seasonal affective disorder, also called seasonal depression, can become comorbid with binge eating disorder.

In addition, with the holiday season, there are lots of traditional situations and events where overeating is not only encouraged, it's considered mandatory. It can be difficult to keep your eating under control when present at a party or gathering where everyone is partaking and encouraging you to eat more.

How Do You Avoid Winter Weather Binge Eating?

When the winter weather hits hard, it's easy to try to cope with your feelings by binge eating. Sometimes the winter sneaks up on you and before you know it, you're digging out your winter coat when it seems like only a few days ago you were wearing tank tops (and depending on where you live, this could be literally true). So how do you stop yourself from winter weather binge eating?

  • Mentally prepare yourself. Know what your binge eating triggers are and do your best to either avoid them or prepare for dealing with them.
  • Don't stock up on binge food. It's all too tempting to see seasonal candy, treats and more at the grocery store and think that it wouldn't hurt to get one, or four. Don't restrict yourself to none, because that could definitely lead to a binge, but definitely don't purchase enough triggering food that a binge will be imminent.
  • Prepare fun alternatives to eating. When you're stuck indoors because it's too nasty to go out, it's easy to do nothing but sit around and overeat. So take up knitting, find a classic movie on television, or use a creative coping skill like art therapy.
  • Know your limits at parties and social gatherings. If you know you're struggling with winter weather binge eating and the next event on your social calendar is your friend's, the professional chocolate chef's soiree, think very careful about what your plans are and how well you will be able to cope at this event.
  • Lean on your support system for help. If winter weather binge eating is giving you problems, don't be afraid to ask for assistance from someone in your binge eating support system. Be sure to also talk to your binge eating disorder therapist to keep things from getting out of control.

Winter Weather Binge Eating Doesn't Have to Get the Better of You

As someone who hates the cold, hates the rain, and hates grey, dreary days, I struggle a great deal with winter weather binge eating. When it's chilly and damp, I just want to stay inside next to my space heater, wrap myself in a blanket, and plow through a package of Oreos. But with some mental preparation, some quick thinking at the grocery store, and a little help from friends, I can get through those grey days. Also, I'm learning graphic design. That will keep me busy for a while.

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