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September 19, 2015 Star LaBranche

Pick up any magazine, surf to any pop culture website or look at any advertisement and it's inevitable that you will see articles and photos and lists about how to have an awesome beach body.

There will be pictures of celebrities on the beach. Some photos will be laden with praise for how hot they look in their suits. Others will have body parts circled to point out imperfections (Binge Eating Disorder and Body Shaming). In a culture where no body is perfect enough and every body is up for debate, it leaves one wondering how you can have this mythical, awesome beach body.

How Do The Celebrities Have Awesome Beach Bodies?

In popular culture it's common to see celebrities held up as examples of what to do and
what not to do, including having awesome beach bodies. However, something that's easy to see over time is that the celebrity who is lauded for their perfect thighs and thin arms one month is condemned for their cellulite and double chin the next.

So really, celebrities don't always have awesome beach bodies because no human being can live up to these standards -- even those with personal staff to help them look their best.

What Does It Even Mean to Have An Awesome Beach Body?

Everyone talks about having an awesome beach body. But what is an awesome beach body and how do  you get one? It's really easy. Read on to find out how.

How do we define an awesome beach body? What does it really mean to say that someone has one or does not have one? Let's not be coy, in most cases, when someone talks about an awesome beach body, they mean a thin body that is on a beach. And thinness is not possible for everyone nor attractive to everyone.

But every body, no matter how thin, is not exempt from criticism. Even thin celebrities are body shamed for they way they look, and sometimes, for being too thin. With the pressure of knowing there is nothing you can do to avoid being body shamed in some way. A lot of people, myself included, decide to give up and opt out of the game by no longer going to the beach, going swimming, or even owning a bathing suit.

Overcoming Insecurities about Your Awesome Beach Body Is Difficult

But it's possible to feel great about your awesome beach body. When you've lived with insecurities and anxiety about your body image and going to a place where it's customary to wear a bathing suit for your entire life, there's no way to just melt all of your apprehensions and carry on like you've never had them to begin with.

Being at peace with your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin is a journey that everyone has to go through on their own. So let this post and video be a body positive voice in your head that encourages you to embrace yourself, love your body, and get to the beach to experience the waves before it gets too cold.

Star's Guide To Having An Awesome Beach Body

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