Self Injury Stories, Self Harm Stories

Read self injury stories, cutting stories from real people. Watch videos featuring personal self harm stories. One self-injury story can make a difference to you.

Self injury stories, similar to self-harm quotes and movies about self-injury, bring understanding and hope to others caught in the web of self-destruction and pain. Some of these self-harm stories may trigger vulnerable people to engage in self injury. So it's important to take care when reading them, or watching video stories about self injury, if you're prone to these behaviors.

How Self Harm Stories Help

Writing self harm stories not only offers the reassurance to others struggling with this issue that they're not alone, it can also serve as a creative catharsis for self injurious individuals. People, who write or make videos about the challenges they face in life and their coping techniques -- even when those techniques are unhealthy -- allow some of their inner turmoil to escape through their work. It doesn't remove the need for therapy, but can provide some personal relief for self mutilators, including adults who self-harm.

Read and Watch Self Injury Stories

Read the self injury stories below or watch the video about one person's experience with self harm.

Self Injury: One Family's Story – A mother and daughter share their story about self injury, when they first realized something wasn't right, and how they finally gathered the strength to get professional help.

Teen Shares Self-Injury Secret – This self harm story includes a video and a journalist's report about his interview with Alicia Moore, a 17 year old self injurer. Moore says that self-injury had become a "dangerous addiction" for her. A brilliant student and talented musician and dancer, Moore recounts how other taunted her for being smart and studying music and dance. She claims they made her hate her talents, gifts, and intelligence – she felt devastated.

Cutting Stories

These cutting stories come from a mixture of teenagers and adults. Their stories of cutting are compelling, insightful and some offer hope that things will get better.

My Personal Cutting Story - Mindy's cutting story is from an adult perspective, being a cutter for over 21 years. It's been a long journey. See if things are getting better for Mindy.

Cutting: My Secret Obsession – Katie's Story – Warning! This video may trigger those struggling with self injury. The first part of the video talks about the issue of self harm in general and the second part tells Katie's self injury story. It's a bit blurry, but worth the watch because of the message.

I'm a Cutter. A Teenager Cutting Myself - Kris is a cutter. It started out innocently enough with a phone conversation with a friend. Soon, it became a cutting addiction. And she doesn't see any reason to stop.

People Who Cut. That's Me. Self-Injury Cutter - Ren started cutting when she was 9 years old. As her cutting story progresses, she talks about being outed in her college dorm room. For the uninitiated, she's happy to tell you why she cuts at the end of the story.

My Cutting Experience: A Recovery Story - Janie has been through hell and back. After reading her story, you might say "no wonder she's cutting." In the end though, she's figured out a way to stop cutting.

I'll Tell You Why People Cut Themselves - The first question always is "why?" Krysten's happy to sum it up for you in 5 words. I found it to be one of the most interesting cutting stories I've read.

The Internet abounds with self mutilation stories, stories about self harm and injury. While many of these encourage those who cope with inner turmoil and pain via self injury to seek help, a shocking number of stories and videos out there glamorize self harm activities. Some include disparaging commentary toward those who wish to help self mutilators find professional self-injury treatment and recover. That is just one of the reasons why pro self-harm websites are so dangerous.

Read these self harm stories and watch the videos with caution. If you are an individual who engages in self injury, remember there is a way out and a path to recovery.

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Last Updated: 20 February 2018

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