Does having sex mean I'll fall in love

Being in love sometimes leads to sex, but having sex will not guarantee that you or your partner will fall in love.

So, if you're using sex to get love, you'll probably be disappointed.

Sex means something different to everyone. So does love. Sometimes, having sex makes you feel like you're in love, but it can fool you. You think you're in love because of the way a person makes you feel physically -- not because of who they are and what you give to each other.

Also, strange as it sounds, having sex too soon can actually stymie love. When two people get too physical, too quickly, they sometimes get embarrassed and pull away from each other. It's easy to bare your body -- much harder to bare your soul. So sometimes, sex feels like the fast way to love and intimacy. It's not.

Truth is, couples who take their time -- and that means more than a couple of months -- to become friends before having sex usually become closer and more intimate. And that's love.

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