Women's Sex Problems

female sexual problems

Sex is a natural part of being a woman. As with most natural things in the body, like eating and sleeping, sex can be upset by a number of different causes.

Firstly, there may be medical illnesses, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression, where a sexual problem can be the first sign that there is anything wrong. Some medical treatments, like antidepressants, can cause sexual problems, and you will want to know how long the effect will last. There may be hormones out of balance after childbirth. It is often wise to see your doctor if you have a sexual problem.

Other common causes are:

  1. not knowing how to respond or what to expect
  2. not having enough time to relax
  3. difficulties in the relationship with your partner
  4. a partner who is unwilling or does not like sex
  5. too much stress and pressure in life
  6. hormone changes with the menstual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth
  7. menopause

Common problems which may make it difficult to reach orgasm are vaginismus, vaginal dryness, and cystitis.

  • Vaginismus - when the vagina is unable to relax and permit the penetration of the penis during intercourse.
  • Vaginal dryness - difficulties triggering natural lubrication during sex.
  • Unresponsiveness -lack of interest in sex for women and men.
  • Cystitis - infection of the bladder and urethra.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.


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