Causes of Eating Disorders: Factors Responsible for Cutting Down Eating Habits

Many factors are responsible for a person to cut down his/her eating habits. Right from childhood, overweight children are laughed at. Class-mates make fun of them.A balanced diet is required for the proper metabolism and functioning of the body. A healthy diet should contain all the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Fats and carbohydrates are usually ignored as part of the diet in today's "must-be-thin" lifestyle when, in fact, they are the energy-giving components. Instead, one should consider exercise to lose weight and should not get down to eating disorders which may cause excessive harm to the body.

Many factors lead to unhealthy eating habits. Starting in childhood, overweight children are laughed at. Classmates make fun of them.

You may also have heard your father or mother talking about losing weight. Some mothers talk about losing weight to maintain their youthful appearance.

In many parts of the world, thinness is equated with beauty and success. According to the overwhelming amount of advertising and the huge diet industry, beauty and success cannot be achieved without thinness. You only have to open up a beauty magazine or turn on the TV to see that this is true. Thin models and actors are paraded in front of us constantly, reminding us of how life could be if only we were thinner!

Low Self-Esteem Can Lead to Eating Disorder

All of the above factors contribute to low self-esteem and, in turn, may result in an eating disorder. Although many children may not develop an eating disorder, the effects of such ridicule will bare its ugly head in some other way.

Medical and genetic factors may also contribute to the development of an eating disorder. These have not been thoroughly investigated to date. A family history of depression or eating disorders seems to increase the risk that a family member may develop an eating disorder. This link could be of importance when it comes to identifying those at risk and helping to prevent the development of an eating disorder.

An eating disorder not only makes your body weak but also causes emotional, psychological and medical problems.

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