Living Straight, Coming Out Gay

June 21, 2011 Amy Kiel

Living straight and coming out gay can be a difficult experience, a process of coming to terms with your sexual preferences can include anxiety and depression.

The process of coming to terms with your sexual preferences can be challenging and difficult for some people, it's something that many of us take for granted. So what happens if you marry following societal social norms and later discover that you are gay? Dr. Loren Olson, psychiatrist and author, can explain this experience better than most, as he has lived it himself.

Dr. Olson's Story of Coming Out Gay

Loren OlsonDr. Loren Olson lived 18 years of heterosexual married life. After a time of great self-discovery he was able to determine that what was best for him and his family was to live true to his sexual preferences. He did not go into the marriage knowing that he was gay and had a great commitment to his wife and family, but the challenge of living two separate realities became too difficult.

As a psychiatrist he carefully weighed the effects of the decision and realized that the impact would be great but that the consequence of not living authentically would be greater.

A Personal Experience of Coming Out, Shared

Dr. Olson shares his experience with us in the interview and says that there can be challenges like periods of depression due to LGBT issues and others, plus the anxiety of going through this process. He has come through to the other side of these challenges. He has also shared both his personal and professional perspective in his book Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight.

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Dr. Olson's Perspective and Advice

HealthyPlace's interview with Dr. Olson is no longer available. However, here's a different interview from another source.

Share Your Experience of Living Straight and Coming Out Gay

Do you have a personal experience with living straight and later coming out gay? Did this happen in your family? What was the experience like and how has life transformed since? Please share your comments on this topic in the comments below.

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