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  • Overcoming Depression: Why Some Find It Very Difficult

    Stigma attached to Major Depression and other mental illnesses can be as difficult to deal with as the illness itself. The idea that "they won't understand" keeps depression sufferers silent and compo ...
  • Successful Despite Schizophrenia

    Some people consider schizophrenia the most debilitating of mental disorders, and indeed, if you ask almost any unaffected person to describe the disorder, they will probably rattle off symptoms like ...
  • Suicide In My Family

    Heather McCready, experienced days filled with "desperate sadness and intense darkness" and was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder and then hospitalized for mania and suicidal depression. ...

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    About Harry Croft, MD

    Dr. Croft is Medical Director of HealthyPlace.com and a private practice psychiatrist from San Antonio, Texas. He is triple board-certified in: Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Sex Therapy. "Whether you're a patient or a loved one of someone with a mental illness, education is the key. I see my role as educating viewers about their concerns and presenting treatment options. If you're educated about what you’re dealing with, then you're never without hope."