Sexual Addiction: Facts and Fallacies

December 8, 2010 Holly Gray

Watch our sexual addiction video interview with expert Robert Weiss as he discusses the realities of sexual addiction and addresses common misconceptions.

It's with humility and a little embarrassment that I admit to having come to erroneous conclusions about sexual addiction and sex addicts without the data to back me up. Sexual addiction facts should come from educated, experienced experts - not entertainment media and anecdote. We were very fortunate to have Robert Weiss join us last week on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show.

A Sexual Addiction Expert Weighs In

In a field with very few recognized experts, Mr. Weiss is an acknowledged professional in the assessment and treatment of persons with addictive sexual disorders and sexual offending. He's the Founding Director of The Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, an outpatient sexual addiction treatment center and a respected writer of sexual addiction literature.

Robert WeissMr. Weiss talked with us about sexual addiction facts and addressed some common misconceptions about sex addicts, including:

  • Sexual addiction is just an excuse for poor decisions and bad behavior. What do you think when you hear that another celebrity who's been caught cheating is getting help for their sexual addiction?
  • Only men are sex addicts. Sex addict is a fancy new term for philandering husband or ladies' man, right?
  • No one needs sexual addiction treatment - they need to exercise willpower. After all, if I can show restraint and respect for my partner and others, why can't you?
  • Sex addicts are cold, uncaring offenders. Isn't sexual addiction just another way of saying I carelessly objectify others for my own gratification and don't feel an ounce of remorse?

Video on Sexual Addiction

Watch our sexual addiction video interview with Robert Weiss to get sexual addiction facts from an expert and learn the truth about the most persistent fallacies on Realities of Sexual Addiction.

Share Your Sex Addiction Experiences

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