Psychological Aspects of Sex Reassignment - August 11

August 7, 2009 admin

Have you ever heard the term "A man trapped in a woman’s body?" Unfortunately, this is a reality for people who identify themselves as Transsexuals. This Tuesday, we will discuss the psychological process of undergoing a change in sex and attempt to understand the negative connotations that surround the subject.

Our special guest, Maxime, will let us in on her difficult childhood as a male while confused about his desire to be female. With a less than supportive mother who struggled with mental health issues, Maxime kept her secret to herself and held strong to her fantasy of one day becoming the woman she felt inside. Maxime has now successfully transitioned to female and works to help others explore their identity issues by posting video blogs on Youtube.

Dr. Croft, Medical Director of, will be available to give us his medical expertise on the psychological aspects of transitioning from one sex to another.

If you are struggling with this issue or other issues related to Transsexuality, we hope that you will watch our show and be encouraged by our guest. You can also find helpful information on our website under Gender, GLBT.

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