Bipolar and Sleep - Bipolar Vida

Many of us living with bipolar disorder struggle to sleep well. The fluctuations in energy level and mood can make it feel nearly impossible to maintain healthy sleeping patterns (Bipolar Disorder and Sleep Problems). Making small adjustments to your nighttime routine can help you sleep well with bipolar disorder and decrease your chances of manic episodes.
I’ve been meditating three times a day for the last two weeks and I still can’t find inner peace. It’s my own fault really. I bit off more than I can chew. My cousin asked me to take care of her little boy and I foolishly agreed. I thought it would be as easy as taking care of my girls. But I forgot that’s not so easy some days. I thought that with my bipolar disorder under control that I would be able to control any stress that came my way.
Can you have one without the other? Of course, you could have insomnia by itself, but insomnia and bipolar disorder are best buds. Best buds that drive me up the wall! I would kill for one whole night of 'I can't wait to get up in the morning and live life' sleep. Bipolar gods, are you listening?! Well, in case they're not, I'm off to a sleep specialist to discuss the twixt that is bipolar and insomnia.