Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is a Personal Journey

April 7, 2016 Star LaBranche

Binge eating disorder is a personal illness and binge eating disorder recovery is an equally personal journey. Each person with binge eating disorder will find his or her own way to cope with the triggers and stressors that accompany this disease (Mental Health Recovery: Avoiding Triggers!). When you have binge eating disorder it's important to remember that it's a personal journey and your path doesn't have to look like everyone else's.

My Personal Journey of Binge Eating Disorder Recovery

Your binge eating recovery is a personal journey that needs time and patience to navigate. Here are some things about BED recovery to remember. Read this.

During my personal journey of binge eating disorder recovery there has been plenty of stumbling, plenty of setbacks, and lots of disappointments. But there have been plenty of binge eating recovery victories as well. Sometimes I find myself comparing my personal journey to other people who have eating disorders and have quickly realized just how unproductive this is.

It doesn't matter what another person went through because binge eating disorder recovery is not a race; it's a personal journey and that journey sometimes has a lot of twists, turns, and side quests.

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is a Personal Journey for Everyone

It's easy to try to gauge your ultimate success or failure based on how others are doing, but eating disorder recovery is still a personal journey that needs time and patience. As frustrating as it may seem, there is no rushing recovery, and setbacks can happen at any stage of your process (Binge Eating Disorder: Coping After A Binge, Overeating).

I often remind myself this is not a race, I am not in a competition, and just because someone is doing worse or better in recovery, that doesn't impact mine at all. Which can sometimes be a lot harder than it sounds. Especially when other people get it into their heads that recovery is a process that happens one way and if you aren't hitting all points in that process, you have ultimately failed.

Take Your Time When You're in Binge Eating Recovery and Remember -- This Is a Personal Journey

When you're in recovery for binge eating disorder it can feel like you're not on a personal journey at all, but going around in circles. Every setback you experience can feel like starting from square one again. Looking around at others can frustrate you, especially when you see someone making greater strides than you are in a shorter amount of time. But recovery is a process, a journey, and the only way to be successful is to follow the road for as long as it takes.

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