Binge Eating Disorder: A Secret You Should Talk About

January 21, 2016 Star LaBranche

When you have binge eating disorder, one of the ways your disorder manifests might be through keeping binge eating disorder a secret. Sometimes it's keeping your eating hidden, other times it might take more deceptive forms, including outright lying about what you've eaten, when or how much. It's important to realize that keeping secrets can be part of binge eating disorder and needs to be addressed with a medical professional.

How Do You Keep Binge Eating Disorder a Secret?

Keeping binge eating disorder a secret can happen in a variety of ways. Some people are distressed at their eating and know they're eating too much, too fast, etc.. Sometimes when people play the binge eating disorder food police and make comments about eating or don't understand that binge eating disorder is a real illness, they can be unsupportive, making the sufferer want to disguise their behaviors. This way to avoid comment and criticism can prevent someone from wanting to seek treatment.

When I Kept Binge Eating Disorder a Secret

Binge eating disorder is a secret for too many people. Find out why you should talk about binge eating disorder. Read this.

Being that my binge eating disorder is comorbid with my bipolar disorder, when it came to hiding a psychiatric illness, I was already very experienced. When I was younger, I hid that I was on starvations diets. When I got to my mid-20s, my binging was out of control and I started to hide that, too.

Part of it was that I was in denial about how much weight I was gaining and just how far out of control I was. Between my weight cycling and starvation diets, I didn't really know what average eating habits were. My eating habits were mine and starving myself, binging, and everything in between was completely normal to me.

What's Wrong with Keeping Binge Eating Disorder a Secret?

The problem with keeping binge eating disorder a secret is that you can't get help for it if you're not up front about what you're facing. It took me reaching a real low point in my binge eating disorder to come to terms with the fact this was not okay, and I needed to do something about it.

If you're having symptoms of binge eating disorder and are suffering because of what you experience, think about talking to a binge eating disorder therapist or a medical doctor. Remember that there are resources out there to help. Binge eating disorder is a new diagnosis but instead of keeping your struggles a secret, you can work with medical professionals to help you live a happier and fuller life.

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