Do You Have Good Binge Eating Disorder Routines?

December 17, 2015 Star LaBranche

Human beings are creatures of habit and, one way or another, we find ourselves shifting into routines, including binge eating disorder routines. Sometimes these habits are formed based on positive actions and helpful tips that will keep binging to a minimum and help us through the day. But, sometimes, it's all too easy to settle into a negative binge eating disorder routine, such as winter weather binge eating, and stay there until the habit becomes incredibly difficult to break.

What Are Good Binge Eating Disorder Routines?

It's important to realize what a good binge eating disorder routine is and what a bad bingeWhat's a binge eating disorder routine and how do you fall into a good binge eating disorder routine? Read on for tips and tricks to stay in recovery. eating disorder routine is. Sometimes, what you think is helping you is actually hurting you. What are some good habits that can help you manage your eating disorder?

  • Eat at regular times. Keep a schedule and stick to it. Don't wait until you're ravenously hungry to eat and don't eat so often you're not even hungry, including mindless eating.
  • Don't skip meals. Skipping meals sounds like a great way to eliminate some calories from your day, but it ends up leaving you hungry and you'll probably end up binging the missing calories later that day.
  • Focus on your body. Do you feel hungry? Do you feel full? Do you have other needs which need to be attended to?
  • Identify your triggers. What are your binge eating disorder triggers? How can you avoid or minimize them?
  • What kind of food do you want to eat? If you are hungry, what do you want to eat? Be mindful of what your cravings are and what will satisfy you. Don't just eat to eat.
  • What are your coping skills if you're feeling overwhelmed. Do you have a binge eating disorder sanctuary to go to? Do you have access to somewhere to do art therapy? What else can you do to calm yourself down and relax when your symptoms become too much?

How Can I Turn Bad Habits Into a Good Binge Eating Disorder Routine?

Recognizing that you have bad binge eating disorder habits is the first step to turning everything around. Examine what you're doing and the negative impact it has on you. For example, do you go grocery shopping when you're hungry and end up purchasing too much food and the food which you are likely to binge on?

Think about what actions you take which lead to binges and how you can incorporate coping mechanisms into your routine. For the grocery store example, try making a shopping list and purchasing what you know you want and need. Eat something before you go to the store so you are steering the cart and not your hunger.

Good Binge Eating Disorder Routines Are Difficult Maintain But Well Worth It

It's hard to break any habit, let alone a bad binge eating disorder habit. But setting up good binge eating disorder routines will allow you to better control your disorder. During the holiday season, it can be especially difficult to focus on your recovery and having a routine to fall into will help you to not only avoid pitfalls but help to set up positive pathways for you to follow in the future.

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