Adult ADHD Forgetfulness: Lost Eyeglasses of Doom

October 4, 2011 Douglas Cootey

Lots of folks have memory issues, but none with as much daily flare as adults with ADHD. If we're not getting on the wrong bus or heading east from Cape Cod to get to California, we're confusing meeting times and places several times in a row. It's almost like we're wired to get fired.

Lots of folks are forgetful, but none with as much flare as adults with ADHD. How can you cope with adult ADHD forgetfulness? Check this out.If I documented everything that went wrong with producing this video blog, they'd make me the ADHD poster boy—a dubious honor to be sure! I couldn't have done things more wrong if I had crossed a busy street backwards while filming my feet. But I have braved the odds and defied ADHD's attempt to thwart my efforts (Stick It to ADHD Forgetfulness!).

Please enjoy my latest escapade in which I discover I have lost my eyeglasses. Also, give me bonus points for using "thwart" in a sentence.

ADHD Forgetfulness: The Autopilot System Video

Wish I had thought of this sooner!

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Author: Douglas Cootey

mountain faerie
October, 7 2011 at 7:51 am

My husband & sons have ADD or ADHD. I do not. Recently I had an emergency brain bleed surgery and found myself having new post surgery experiences. I was putting on my socks and sneakers one morning. One sock was on, so I thought. I began looking all around our home, trying to find the second sock. I sat down on the couch to think about the missing sock. It was then that my eyes caught site of my feet. To my astonishment both my feet had socks on. When did that happen ? Why didn't I remember putting on both socks ? I have found myself in similar forgetful situations over the last few weeks. So this is what it feels like to have ADD. I now have more empathy for my ADD family members. So after laughing at myself ..... I put on my sneakers.

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