Sex Addiction Destroyed My Life

I'm Dan and I'm a sex addict...

Addiction to porn ruined my life, destroyed my marriage and my self-esteem. All because of my sex addiction.I'm writing this from work as I do not have access to a computer at home.

I cannot have a computer at home because I have no self-control from going onto porn sites.

I have ruined my life by going on porn sites. I have spent hundreds of precious hours of my life going from one image to the next and I'm addicted to it. I have destroyed my marriage of 25 years because of my addiction, something I did behind her back. We are selling our house, rearranging our lives, moving on and starting over because of my sex addiction. I'm 49 years old, with low self esteem, feeling rejected and feeling like a failure, all because of my sex addiction.

It's a shame that this show you are having is online today. I'd be interested in seeing it, but I cannot. I'm sure most other sex addicts cannot either. We can't even go near a computer because of sex addiction!

Ironic huh?


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