Some Known Triggers (that cause switching)

List of triggers that may cause switching of personalities in Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Training Instructor Bethesda PsycHealth Institute 1990

  • something someone says
  • past perpetrator
  • people who look like past perpetrator (someone that holds same kind of job as perpetrator same location or venue (similar) mannerism or laugh is similiar)
  • certain times of the year
  • objects
  • things
  • colors/textures
  • smells
  • sounds
  • pulling memory too fast in therapy
  • while in therapy, and working on memory
  • lack of sleep
  • poor diet
  • touch
  • not having enough balance (fun vs. processing)
  • drugs and/or alcohol

Stress: Daily Living Stressors: This is a major cause. Here are some examples:

  • fighting with spouse or friend
  • observing a fight
  • having sexual intercourse
  • paying rent
  • problem solving

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