Basic Women's Rights

abuse-articles-39-healthyplaceI jotted down some areas that I believe are "Basic Women's Rights". I encourage other women to share their own convictions based on their personal experiences. Hopefully, I can act as a catalyst for a project that will empower other women to find hope and healing.

  1. The right to live in peace, without fear of emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or psychological abuse.
  2. The right to respect on the basis of motherhood.
  3. The right to being taken seriously as an intelligent, capable human being with vast capabilities.
  4. The right to never have to fear the loss of my offspring to a society that still considers them and myself as men's property.
  5. The right to food, shelter, clothing and proper medical care. I will provide it for myself and help others to receive it when I am capable. When I am not, due to childhood, student status, pregnancy, disability or abuse, society will reach out to me in a loving and caring way and assist me to maintain my dignity.
  6. The right to free access of knowledge.
  7. Quality and affordable day care that enhances my development and that of my children.


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