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What We Seek to Accomplish Through the Website

Over one million people a month come to Everyday, for the people who work here, our goal is to provide trustworthy information and useful resources for understanding, preventing and seeking appropriate treatment of mental health conditions. In addition, we have the HealthyPlace Mental Health Support Network, where our members journal about their experiences, post on condition-specific boards, chat and support each other. If you are a person with a mental health condition, or a family member or friend, we invite you to participate and become a part of the HealthyPlace community.

Background of

HealthyPlace has been in existence since 1999. Our most recent significant update to the HealthyPlace website was on January 31, 2012. We opened our redesigned website with expanded, highly relevant information on depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, eating disorders, addictions and more. We also have new, unique tools in place like the HealthyPlace Mediminder (our medication reminder tool) and the HealthyPlace Mood Tracker, a specially designed mood journal that not only helps people with mood disorders keep track of their moods, but can also notify their doctor, therapist, family member or caregiver in case their levels of depression or mania reach dangerous levels. And there's the first of it's kind, HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, our live show where people share their personal stories of living with a psychological disorder and doctors, therapists and counselors share their expertise in treating mental health conditoins.

HealthyPlace, Inc. - the Company

So you know, HealthyPlace is a privately held company started by people who are committed to the idea of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and who feel that making authoritative mental health information available to the general public is a key part of achieving that goal. We are based in San Antonio, Texas.   Our revenues are generated exclusively through the sale of advertising on the HealthyPlace website. HealthyPlace is not owned or directed by companies that sell any products or medications. None of the articles are written or influenced by companies advertising on our website. All advertisements and sponsorships are clearly identified and labeled. (you can read our editorial and advertising policies) As a company and general policy of our website, we do not make any claims relating to the benefit or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product or service. We strongly believe that the individual and their healthcare provider should work in concert to determine what the best treatment is for that person's particular situation.

Here are just a few of the dedicated people behind

Gary Koplin - President of Mr. Koplin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of HealthyPlace. He is a former journalist and a successful entrepreneur. He was the founder of Concerned Counseling, one of the first significant online mental health counseling websites. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in journalism.

Harry Croft, MD - Medical Director of Dr. Harry Croft is a private practice psychiatrist from San Antonio, Texas who is triple board certified in: Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Sex Therapy. In addition to his private practice, he serves as the Medical Director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center, and has been the principal investigator in over four dozen clinical trials since 1986. In addition to having papers published in leading medical journals, Dr. Croft has presented at the annual meetings of: The American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American College of OB-GYN, The European Congress of Psychopharmacology and others.

Patricia Avila - Website Manager and Editor, Ms. Avila has been with HealthyPlace since 2003. Prior to that, she was a website manager for a large internet design and programming firm. She also translated websites from English to Spanish. Ms. Avila was born, raised and educated in Mexico City, Mexico where she attended the Universidad Femenina de Mexico for three years.

You can learn more about members of our editorial team here.

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