Tips for Showing You Care

sex and intimacy

  1. Honor your partner's individuality
  2. Sign your letters: "Forever and a day"
  3. Attend a lousy movie, sit in the balcony, and make out in the dark
  4. Share a intimate part of your life together
  5. Change one bad habit
  6. Talk candidly about the differences between sexy and sensual
  7. Keep mistletoe hung in your home year-round!
  8. Give a vintage bottle of wine from the year of his/her birth
  9. Create a "perfect vacation" (your partner's definition of perfect)
  10. Challenge the cultural stereotypes of men and women
  11. Keep a wedding photo on your desk at work
  12. Ask your friends to list their favorite romantic restaurants
  13. Carry a copy of your wedding license in your wallet/purse
  14. A note: "Time and time again you amaze me because . . ."
  15. Write a list: "101 Reasons Why You're the Greatest"
  16. Have silly pictures of the two of you taken in a photo booth
  17. Camp-out in a tent together
  18. Make love in the back seat of a car
  19. Hold a picnic in a tree fort
  20. Take a relaxing bubblebath together
  21. Make love in a sleeping bag
  22. Don't go to bed and let problems go unresolved
  23. Make some sacrifices but don't martyr yourself for his/her sake
  24. Weave love, sex, and romance into the fabric of your daily lives
  25. Try putting yourself in your partner's shoes (figuratively and literally!)
  26. Experiment with sensual, sexy, and outright X-rated movies
  27. Read one book by Dr. Ruth
  28. Ask your partner to direct you very specifically in how they like to be touched

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