Men Relate Through Sex

women and sex

Men tend to be structured at all times. This protects them from vulnerability. It also keeps emotions from getting in or out. They are in a kind of emotional trance. Sex helps break the trance; it is a chance to really let go.

Men view sex as the true expression of love and usually think a relationship hasn't even started until it includes sex. One single man told me that he doesn't really believe a woman loves him until they have sex. He said, "She can think she is showing love to me in many ways from cooking for me to waiting on me. But until we have sex, I do not feel loved."

Yet men can push for sex so strongly and so early in the relationship that the woman is repulsed by the man rather than attracted. The relationship never has a chance to develop to the point that the woman feels comfortable with sex or feels that the man is an adequate lover.

A man "cut off" from sex by the woman he cares for will believe he is no longer loved. Sex is a measure of love for him.

Men see sex as a way to get close to a woman.



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