Immediate Relief of Negative Feelings

How do you feel?

IF YOU FEEL FINE, this page is not for you; at least right now it isn't. Mark this page for later and head over to the search page. Come back when you need some immediate relief from a negative emotion or situation and click on one of the descriptions below.

Angry Bored Tired
Worried Impatient Annoyed
Frustrated Discouraged Stressed out
Insecure Depressed Discontented
Relative upsets you   Improve performance
Parenting problems   Trouble-makers at work

After you've read one of the chapters above, write the principle on the piece of paper (at the end of each chapter is the principle in bold letters) and carry that principle with you, concentrating on applying it for the next few hours (or days).

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Learn more about applying the principles in your life in a way that will really make a difference:
From Hope to Change

Here's another angle on the same subject: How do you take a good insight or effective principle and translate it into a real change in your life?
Personal Propaganda


What is the most powerful self-help technique on the planet? What single thing can you do that will improve your attitude, improve the way you deal with others, and also improve your health? Find out here.
Where to Tap

Would you like to be emotionally strong? Would you like to have that special pride in yourself because you didn't whimper or whine or collapse when things got rough?
There is a way, and it's not as difficult as you'd think.
Think Strong

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