Why Keep a Positivity Journal?

Keeping a positivity journal is a habit that can change your life, so why don’t more of us do it? Find out why at HealthyPlace.  Could starting a positivity journal change your life? Maybe. It can certainly change your perspective. Still, journaling is a habit that many of us pick up and then later abandon, either because we are too busy or because we feel better and self-care is no longer a priority. However, experts have shown that keeping a journal is beneficial for all areas of health and wellbeing. Therefore, if you struggle with a negative mindset, keeping a positivity journal could be the key to achieving a more optimistic mindset.  

What Is a Positivity Journal?

A positivity journal is just like a regular journal except the pages are devoted to positive thoughts and events. Positive journaling has many cathartic benefits, which is why it is advocated in certain modes of therapy. However, being positive doesn’t mean you should ignore the negative moods and experiences in your life – just that you should try to balance them with positive ones.   

What’s the Purpose of a Positivity Journal?

Journaling is a useful self-care exercise, but you don’t want to be staring down at a jumble of all your thoughts and feelings when your mind feels fractured. When anxiety or depression strikes, it helps to look at something beautiful and inspiring. This is why walking in nature, listening to music or staring at a classical painting is so calming. Your positivity journal is an embodiment of all things positive. It’s a positive reminder that however hard life gets, there is always joy to be found.

10 Positive Thinking Journal Prompts

The positivity journal has become increasingly popular in the self-help community. This means there is an abundance of journal prompts and resources online for anyone just getting started. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Write down three things you are grateful for today – no matter how big or small.
  2. Write down a nice act someone has done for you this week.
  3. Write down something nice you have done for someone else, or something nice you could do.
  4. Write down three of your worries, then follow up with three actions you could take to resolve them.
  5. Think about the people who inspire you and why. Create a mind map.
  6. Think about the best day you’ve had recently and write down why you loved it.
  7. Think about one thing you’ve always wanted to do.
  8. Complete this self-care statement: Today I give myself permission to…
  9. What does your ideal morning look like?
  10. Name something you’re excited about or looking forward to in the coming months.

Final Tips for Keeping a Positivity Journal

  • Go out and buy yourself a new positivity journal. While you can use just about any old notebook to jot down your thoughts and aspirations, having a beautifully-bound journal at your bedside will inspire you to keep up the habit.
  • Don’t let negativity spill into your positive space. It’s fine to write about challenges or negative feelings (we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience those), but you should try to keep the focus on positive steps you’re taking and the small achievements you’re proud of. Even if you’re feeling self-loathing or critical, challenge yourself to look for the positives. Consider how strong you are for braving your battles.
  • Try to incorporate journaling into your daily routine to see the full benefits, perhaps at the same time and place each day.
  • If journaling starts to feel like a chore, remember why you started in the first place and adjust your methods. Try a different approach, such as drawing instead of writing, or incorporate colors into your journal practice. You could also combine journaling with another enjoyable habit, such as lighting a scented candle, getting into your favorite pajamas or eating a piece of chocolate.

By keeping a positivity journal, you will see that there is joy to be found in every day – however small or insignificant it seems. By focusing on your gratitude and appreciation, you will find that the more you write, the more positivity you will attract. Call it science or call it magic, positive journaling works – so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can start today.

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