Mental Health Awareness Month: What Should We be Aware Of?

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Mental Health Awareness Month: What Should We be Aware of?

The entire month of May is devoted to mental health awareness. That's amazing, given that not too long ago, terms like "mental illness" and even "mental health" were taboo. Having a month dedicated to mental health means that the topic is becoming acceptable to discuss in more than a hushed whisper behind closed doors. But what, exactly, are we supposed to be aware of during Mental Health Awareness Month?

Mental Health Awareness Month is about many different concepts. Some of the things to which the month of May calls attention include:

  • Understanding that mental health is in reach of everyone and that mental illness and mental health aren't opposite states of existence
  • Realizing the facts about mental health in order to increase empathy and understanding
  • Becoming aware of seeing a person first, rather than focusing on an illness

It could be said that Mental Health Awareness Month is about reducing mental health stigma. While true, it's incomplete.

Mental Health Awareness Month is about knowing how to improve or maintain our psychological wellbeing. It means having a fresh perspective on each other and what makes us mentally healthy. It's about celebrating that we have a Mental Health Awareness Month so people can learn how to thrive and live fully, even with mental health challenges.

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