Crystal Therapy, Electrocrystal Therapy

Learn about crystal therapy, crystal healing to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual balance and wellness.

Before engaging in any complementary medical technique, you should be aware that many of these techniques have not been evaluated in scientific studies. Often, only limited information is available about their safety and effectiveness. Each state and each discipline has its own rules about whether practitioners are required to be professionally licensed. If you plan to visit a practitioner, it is recommended that you choose one who is licensed by a recognized national organization and who abides by the organization's standards. It is always best to speak with your primary health care provider before starting any new therapeutic technique.


Crystal therapy, also called crystal healing or gem therapy, uses crystals, each selected for specific characteristics or wavelength, to treat a wide range of mental and physical conditions. This approach is based on the belief that the body has an energy field that can be influenced by the placement of crystals on specific body points.

Electrocrystal therapy was developed by the British inventor Harry Oldfield in the 1980s. This technique involves the use of an electromagnetic generator attached to conducting tubes filled with specific types of crystals. These tubes are applied to the body, and energy is transmitted through them. It is proposed that various types of crystals in these tubes have different effects on the body. An electronic device may also be used that is said to be able to detect areas of energy imbalance of the body. These areas may then be treated with electrocrystal therapy.



Crystal therapy is proposed to assist with physical, emotional and spiritual balance and healing. According to Tantric texts, there are a number of points in the body from which our psychic forces flow. These are called "chakra points." Different hypotheses exist on the actual number (seven is the most common) and location of points. The term chakra comes from the Sanskrit cakram, meaning wheel or circle. In crystal therapy, crystals of appropriate color and energy may be placed at specific chakra points on the body with the aim to energize and cleanse. Electrocrystal therapy is proposed to work by rebalancing the energy field to promote better health.

The safety and effectiveness of these techniques have not been thoroughly tested scientifically.


There is no evidence for this technique.

Unproven Uses

There are not a sufficient number of reports available identifying the uses of crystal therapy or electrocrystal therapy.

Potential Dangers

Crystal therapy is generally believed to be safe for most individuals. Electrocrystal therapy uses electromagnetic fields and electrical equipment. Safety has not been thoroughly studied, and therefore the risks are not clear. Because these techniques are not well-researched, neither should be used as the sole treatment (in place of more proven approaches) of a severe illness. Do not delay consultation with an appropriate health care provider for a potentially serious symptom or condition.


Crystal therapy and electrocrystal therapy are used for a wide variety of conditions. These techniques have not been thoroughly studied scientifically. Safety and effectiveness are not known. Although crystal therapy may be safe, it should not be relied on as the sole treatment for potentially dangerous conditions. You should discuss crystal therapy or electro-crystal therapy with your primary health care provider before starting.

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