The Gratitude Principle

Getting Off The Rollercoaster

As you learn to assert yourself by affirming your goodness and a willingness to grow, you need to continually support yourself by extracting the positive out of each and every situation that comes your way. This period of re-discovery and re-learning you are going through, will require constant alertness to the potential of wonderful learning experiences that will come your way.

Openness to all things being made new for you is the goal of your quest. You will throw open your arms and embrace all things that come your way. You will know that your future lies in newness. The old ways have made you sad, and you know you don't have to look back at bad times, yesterday's gone and tomorrow will bring the days that you've been waiting for. You are Loved, and You Will Love Again, and when you learn to Love unconditionally, you will Love perfectly. As you grow outwardly in Love, you will affect others who are close and dear to you. They will respond to your Love without fail, for they will be drawn to it as the Bee is to the Flower.

One part of learning to live and grow in Love is to understand gratitude. Our conditioned emotions have always tended to look at the negative aspects of situations, but once again through the cultivation of awareness, you will give yourself many chances to see an abundance of wonderful things that form the greater part of your life.

When you practice gratitude to all things in our life, you can't help but attract to your inner self, the quality of kindness that is associated with those thoughts.

As you have seen how like attracts like, a genuine expression of thanks for the things that are good for you will bring without fail a feeling of gentle contentment each time you act this way. When gratitude is practised on a regular basis, you can be sure of increasing your level of inner peace. It is through the positive efforts you put into your life, that you can begin to turn it around as many positive outcomes continue to provide assistance in the task of personal growth.

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Another way to increase feelings of goodness and content within yourself is to acknowledge the good fortune of others. By bringing more and more positive values of life into your own life, you open up to an incredible amount of Love and Goodness that you may not have known existed. Regardless of the effect of another's good fortune upon yourself, gratitude will open your eyes to realities of living that you probably thought only belonged in movies or fables. There is so much goodness in this world that to think it doesn't exist, is to really say...

"My world does not contain these things because
My thinking does not attract these qualities into My life".

Start by saying to yourself...

"It is good that I have a roof over my head".
"It is good that I have somewhere to lay down and
rest my head at the end of the day".
"It is good that I was able to eat today".
"That few minutes of peace that I found today
as I walked through the Park was good".

Though these things might seem ordinary, they are in truth very Profound since they reside in the foundations of our everyday life.

It matters not if you live in a castle or a one room flat. What is essential is the understanding of Shelter and a place to be safe; a warm bed, food to give you nourishment, some relief from concerns. In any situation there is light, so by being willing to experience that light, you will find that light. The more you see that light, the more the light will become a part of you.

Acknowledge the good people you have in your life regardless of whether or not they are a regular part of your circle of friends. See also the value in acquaintances who you know have good things happening in their lives. Gratitude is actually an affirmation because you are affirming your worth by letting the quality of the gift settle in you peacefully.


The most important and fundamental aspects of life, are built upon foundations of Simplicity. In our search for answers to bring us to Peace and Truth, we must be ready to seek without the burden of complicated strategies which might deny or overlook the naked and stark facts of our existence in simple Love. In your stillness and Love is your Power, so through Gratitude, give power to yourself through the simplicity of...

Acknowledging the good fortune of owning a car.

Acknowledging the influence of positive people in your Life

Acknowledging the presence of children in your Life

These are only a minute number of ways in which you can address the task of bringing Peace within through Gratitude. In your own Life, you will find many things can be applied to your situation.

As we tend to be so very aware of our misfortune, our Fortune seems to take second place. It's strange how the Negatives get top priority in things that matter, and I believe it stems from the tendency to complicate things from fear based thinking. Very often, the good things we have in our life have a natural association with simplicity, yet this goodness so often tends to get the medal for Second best.


There are so many opportunities for the input of Good and Positive qualities to come into your Life simply through Awareness. Any limitation you associate with living is merely a mirror of your thinking. By defining what you perceive to be restrictions to your life, you are in reality, specifying the boundaries of your imagination.

You who are reading this book now; you might be a Pauper, a Prince or a Princess. You could be anyone from any level in society; but whoever you are, to acknowledge the good things you have that bring you comfort; to be grateful for the things that you own or control, will go a long way in prolonging your good fortune by understanding its value. To consciously acknowledge the good things you have in your life is to increase their worth beyond measure. What is a home can, become a castle. What is a brass vase, can become a golden chalice. What is gentleness, can become strength. Those who are humble can become great. Those who are great, can become great and wise.


I give thanks for ...
Simple things that teach me how,
To value life, and live it NOW.
Time alone and time with friends.
Love to come, that will never end.

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