I Am the Heart Download

The Fruit of my contemplations

by Adrian Newington. © 1990

Written in a style of literature common to mystical India. It is a book rich in metaphor and parable, and is designed to deliver spiritual insights for people who live the modern western lifestyle whilst grappling with many of life's mysterious complexities. This takes the form of a spiritually uplifting dialog between a 'Troubled Mind' and the 'Heart'.

The Mind, (which deals with life rationally and analytically), converses with the 'Heart' after it has come forth from its silent abode out of compassion.

The heart, (source of wisdom & love), points out how the Mind is a continual seeker of contentment, yet how it never comes to realize that the peace it seeks through ongoing; unsatisfying worldly activities, is the permanent peace that naturally resides in every human heart

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The Philosophy of the book is discussed to enable the seeker on the Inner Journey, to impliment a series of practical mediation techniques for the expansion of awareness. This is one of the many roads that lead to Self Knowledge and the all empowering Self Love.

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