On Change

A short essay on "changing your life" and what it takes to make significant changes in your life.

Life Letters

To an unknown woman,

You approached me after the BirthQuake workshop, teary eyed, tentative, afraid it seemed to bother me. I smiled at you reassuringly, leaning forward, towards you.

You shared with me that you had decided to change your life. You pronounced this with such certainty. Your body seemed electric, charged with enthusiasm, plans for your future already underway.

Just when I was about to ask you gently what is it you were planning to change, we were interrupted. When I turned back to face you, you were gone...

I thought about you - think about you actually - from time-to-time. I wonder what has become of your energy, your vision, and your resolve. What did you change, if anything?

I understand what it feels like to be inspired to follow your dreams, to embrace some neglected aspect of yourself, to choose to follow a new path. It has been during those crystal clear moments in my own life that I have felt the most alive.

All too often, unfortunately, within a relatively short period of time, enthusiasm gives way to uncertainty, self-confidence surrenders to self-doubt, and my mission recedes beneath the wave of my realities.

Significant change is seldom as spontaneous as the initial insight that inspires it. Yet, without those precious moments of clarity, the journey seldom begins.

I wish you were here with me right now. I would love to know what became of that radiant young woman who literally glowed with possibility. Did she follow her vision, and if so, where has it lead her? Did she get sidetracked along the way? I wonder....

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Wherever you are now, I send you my blessings. If you have arrived at that mysterious destination that you only hinted at long ago, then my sincerest congratulations. If you are resting somewhere along the way, know that there is often wisdom in respite - we can learn from the resting places too. If you are feeling lost out on the road, I want to send out the best beacon that I am aware of - hope. As long as you search in earnest and with courage, you will eventually find your way out of any darkness.

If you haven't yet started out upon your longed for journey, then that's O.K., too. Ambitious travels require significant preparation. Give yourself time to get ready. Consult with others, search your own heart, acquire the skills that will be necessary for your successful navigation; and then my dear fellow traveler, just go! Godspeed!

Yours Truly, A Fellow Traveler...

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