Video on What Is ADHD Coaching?

An ADHD coach is a professional trained to guide and support a person in overcoming the challenges of living with ADHD at work, at school, and at home. ADHD coaching nicely supplements the treatment you get from your physician(s) and counselor. ADHD Coaching is not psychotherapy. Instead of focusing on a person's past and emotional healing, coaching focuses on taking action so a person can move to where he or she wants to go in life. Our guest Laura MacNiven, talks about her experience as an ADHD coach.

Video on ADHD Coaching

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About our guest on the ADHD video: Laura MacNiven

Laura MacNiven, ADHD CoachLaura MacNiven, M.Ed. is the Director of Health Education at Springboard Clinic. She is an ADHD coach who works with individuals and families to explore and identify physical, social, emotional and academic/vocational areas of need. She creatively designs specialized programs to develop skills and collaborative strategies for focusing/attention issues in both children and adults, and is well-versed in Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and school accommodations. Visit Springboard Clinic here:

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