What are Parent Training and Information Centers?

Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIC) resulted from the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) which was passed more than 20 years ago. This special education law was designed to specifically protect and ensure a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) for all children who have disabilities. However, the law is large and confusing for many parents who try to get services under it. So the government mandated that special centers be set up as resources for parents.

At the Parent Training and Information Centers, you can find information on all kinds of disabilities, a list of service providers, fellow parents for mutual support, advocacy training in how to be an equal effective partner in your child's education, workshops and networking in general. Their services are free.

Such a center is where our family was finally able to find the support and training we needed to understand our rights as parents in the educational system. We also learned that it was possible to form a positive team effort for our son; but we really had to buckle down and learn about the law, our rights as parents, and our son's rights as a student in the public education system. It saved our lives.

We were totally exhausted and drained from trying to educate our son with no guidance except our common sense. We even resorted to home school for several years before we learned from our PTIC that we could, and indeed, should ask the district to teach our son the way he learns. The PTIC provided all the information and moral support we so desperately needed. It's solely because of this support that I am now trained to help other parents find the resources and support they need as parents of a child with disabilities. There are many such centers across the country helping parents such as yourself. Do not hesitate to call. They are parents themselves who have been through similar circumstances and stand ready to help. Please contact your instate PTIC, as they serve the local population. Just click here for your local PTIC.

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