Famous Hunters

The following individuals all exhibited the characteristics of a good hunter. They were global thinkers, sought novelty, were risk takers, and were easily bored by repetitive tasks. They showed incredible energy and flexibility and were not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Their bursts of creativity will live on forever, and you hunters reading this will instantly identify with them.

A number of them also appear to have had learning disabilities. Of the first three listed, Edison's mother, recognizing her son just learned differently, home schooled him; Einstein flunked math in the sixth grade; Mozart was lousy at personal relationships. Yet who dwells on the human frailties when turning on an electric lamp, studying the theory of relativity, or listening to music that will live forever?

Hunters can celebrate their unique capacity for independent thinking and creativity, and learn to walk around their weaknesses. In the end, hopefully you will even chuckle at them and realize they are a part of what makes that person one of a kind, unique and beautiful. Below are just a few that would no doubt fit the profile of a hunter.

  • Thomas Edison

  • Albert Einstein

  • Amadeus Mozart

  • Henry Ford

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Leonardo da Vinci

  • Albert Switzer

  • Samuel Adams

  • Sir Francis Drake

  • Christopher Columbus

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Winston Churchill

  • Alexander Graham Bell

  • Galileo

My resources only listed famous men hunters from the past, however, I've come up with some possible

Women Hunters

  • Queen Elizabeth I

  • Queen Isabella of Spain

  • Amelia Erhart

  • Carrie Nation

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Florence Nightingale

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