Overview of Pedophiles on the Web

Pedophiles on the web put your children in danger

Info on internet pedophiles that parents should be aware of

Submitted by request to the
Internet Online Summit:Focus on Children
Washington DC December 1, 1997
by Debbie Mahoney, Founder and Board President,
and Dr. Nancy Faulkner, CEO,
Safeguarding Our Children -- United Mothers

The Internet Allows Pedophiles:

  • Instant access to other sexual predators worldwide;
  • Open discussion of their sexual desires;
  • Shared ideas about ways to lure victims;
  • Mutual support of their adult-child sex philosophies;
  • Instant access to potential child victims worldwide;
  • Disguised identities for approaching children, even to the point of presenting as a member of teen groups;
  • Ready access to "teen chat rooms" to find out how and who to target as potential victims;
  • Means to identify and track down home contact information;
  • Ability to build a long-term "Internet" relationship with a potential victim, prior to attempting to engage the child in physical contact.

Computer technology and the Internet enables pedophiles to locate and interact with other pedophiles more readily than ever before. Although pedophiles luring kids on the Internet is a horrifying problem, the long-term organizational aspects are more terrifying.

The common gathering place and the resultant support child predators are providing each other is probably their most significant advantage, -- and the most troublesome for a concerned public. The computer, a common household fixture, is now a place where pedophiles can go to hear others say, "You're okay and what you're doing is okay; don't listen to the rest of the world, just listen to us."


The ability to receive and offer comfort within the support of their like-minded group reinforces pedophiles with the belief that their attraction to children and adult-child sex are an acceptable way of life.

Pedophiles on the web put your children in danger. Info on internet pedophiles that parents should be aware of.Child predators are forming an online community and bond that is unparalleled in history. They are openly uniting against legal authorities and discussing ways to influence public thinking and legislation on child exploitation. A group of admitted pedophiles has even developed their creed, "The BoyLove Manifesto."

While pedophile websites are being tracked down and removed from Internet servers in countries all over the world, they are still easily finding ways to post websites, webrings, forums and chat rooms. Recent online topics have even focused on fundraising efforts and plans to purchase a dedicated server for their websites.

It is easy to find and read messages between pedophiles supporting adult-child sex. It is also increasingly common to observe pedophiles in chat rooms promoting one another to move forward with advances on new victims and their families, -- in what they define as "loving relationships."

The advancement of Internet technology allows pedophiles to exchange information about children in an organized forum. They are able to meet in "online chat rooms" and educate each other. These online discussions include sharing schemes about how to meet, attract, and exploit children, -- and how to lure the parents of their victims into a false sense of security about their presence within the sanctity of the family structure. It has become an online "How To" seminar in pedophilia activities.

Pedophile chat rooms, forums, irc-chat, and newsgroups are filled with information on "their" boys and girls and the "safety tips" that allow the abuse to remain hidden. Some of their Websites have information posted telling children that it is okay to be sexual with adults. It is in direct opposition to the messages advocates, teachers, and parents have been trying instill in our country's children.

The larger the sense of community and support that is offered, the bolder pedophiles have become in their graphic descriptions of sex with and exploitation of children. The added comfort of anonymous email addresses and anonymous surfing is helping pedophiles literally "hide in the open"! They appear to be feeling safe enough in their nicknames to openly relate (and brag about) their stories of child sexual exploitation.

Organized Pedophile Groups

The largest organized pedophile group on the Internet is the Man/Boy Love. That is not to say they are the only ones, just that they indeed do have the largest community. Their website community is entitled "Free Spirits."

Within the "Free Spirits" Internet community are pages of links to other Websites, that include:

  • Personal Pedophile Web Pages
  • BL IRC Channels
  • Pedophile Organizations
  • Pedophile Web Forums
  • Pedophilia History
  • Documents that support the pedophile viewpoint.

"Free Spirits" also provides links to non-pedophile children's organizations and child protection Websites, like:

  • Adoption
  • Boys and Girl Organizations
  • Boy and Girl Fan Clubs
  • Child Sites, and many more.

None of these pedophile pages are blocked by current software.

"A Brief Overview of Pedophiles on the Web"
is proprietary to D. Mahoney and Dr. N. Faulkner, © 1997.
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