Relationship Analysis 1

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You can easily use this questionnaire to analyze any primary, sexual relationship. If you want to use it to analyze a non-sexual relationship (relative, friend, boss, etc.), it's not as easy but it can be done.

What you will learn:

  1. Who gets the most of what they want from the relationship.

  2. The greatest strength of the relationship, and how to capitalize on it.

  3. The greatest weakness of the relationship, and how to minimize it..

  4. The moment of greatest stress, and what to do about it.

  5. The best method for solving problems.


Answering the 10 questions will be EASY, but TAKE YOUR TIME or else you might get disturbing and misleading results.


Ten questions are the heart of this questionnaire.

They ask about times when EITHER YOU OR YOUR PARTNER WANTS something. (One question asks about when YOU want something, then another question asks about when THE OTHER PERSON wants the same thing....)

Pay very close attention to WHO is doing the "Wanting" in each question. (You have to do a little "guessing" when answering about the other person, of course - but we all have to do a lot of that in real life too!) Answer each question with a number from 0 to 100. Use a different number for each answer. Pick a specific time period for all the questions. You can choose any time period you like: "since we met," "the last month," "the last ten years," even "the first three years we were together." But you must be thinking about the SAME time period on every question!

OK, You Are Ready!

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