Your Greatest Strength Is When Either Person Is Being Taken Care Of

You may have a very good relationship, especially if you are also strong at either "playing together" or "thinking clearly."

If you are not strong at "playing together," you might find that you both tend to feel "hopeless" rather quickly when there are problems. This would be even more true if you are not strong at "thinking together."

Relationships like yours can have many very close and intense moments, but, because of this intensity, "emotional burn out" is a possibility.

The best ways for you to strengthen your relationship would be:

  1. Learn to be more rational whenever either of you are tempted to be competitive.
  2. Enjoy more "mutual" sex, and spend a greater amount of time being sexual together.
  3. Each of you needs to be more "selfish," especially the person who is doing the "taking care of." Think about what you need and get it wherever you can (not just from your partner). [This last comment refers to ALL things you want, and is NOT meant to encourage infidelity!]
  4. If you have serious disputes involve an objective third party (a therapist or a truly objective friend).


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Thinking Together

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