Compassion Fatigue Test

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This compassion fatigue test will help measure if you're suffering from caregiver burnout. Compassion fatigue is a form of burnout where caregivers continue to give themselves fully to the person they are caring for, finding it difficult to maintain a healthy balance of being able to separate themselves from the patient (empathy and objectivity).

Answering "yes" or "no" to the following nine statements will help you assess your risk for compassion fatigue.

1. Personal concerns commonly intrude on my caregiving role.
2. Family members, friends, other caregivers seem to lack understanding.
3. I find even small changes enormously draining.
4. I can't seem to recover quickly after association with daily trauma or a troubling event.
5. Association with any type of traumatic or troubling event affects me very deeply.
6. My patients' stress (the person you care for) affects me deeply.
7. I have lost my sense of hopefulness.
8. I feel vulnerable all the time.
9. I feel overwhelmed by unfinished personal business.