Have Bipolar? 3 Tips for Finding the Right Psychiatrist

How do you find the right psychiatrist when you have bipolar disorder? That’s an important question because finding the right psychiatrist is the foundation for getting a treatment plan that works for you.

When you live with bipolar disorder, you struggle to voice your opinion. There were many situations with doctors where my input was dismissed entirely. After I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, I always left my psychiatrist’s office with less hope than I walked in with. It did not feel right and, at one point, I was fed up with not having any control in my treatment.

Finding the right psychiatrist is not as easy as some people may think. For me, it took around five years to find the psychiatrist that has helped me get to where I am today. However, it does not have to take that long. In this video, I share three tips for finding the right psychiatrist based on my personal experience living with bipolar 2 disorder.

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